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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga prepares your mind, body and spirit for motherhood

What are the benefits?
  • Supports your changing body in an organic and holistic way
  • Balances the body’s energy pathways and emotions
  • Tones important muscle groups, including pelvic floor, hips, legs and back
  • Relieves from common pregnancy-related ailments (e.g. heartburn, swollen joints, back pain, breathlessness)
  • Prepares the mind and body for labour and delivery
  • Increases lung capacity and connection to breath
  • Increases energy and peaceful alertness
  • Enriches emotional calming and deep relaxation
  • Deepens the connection between mother and baby
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Why consider one-to-one pregnancy yoga?

Pregnancy yoga offers a journey of connection and bonding between mother and baby while at the same time managing the fears and anxieties that may arise along the way.

In our one-to-one sessions, I will offer you transformational tools that are bespoke to you, empowering you to step into the seat of the Mother so you can harness your power in this great moment of life’s creation.

Each session will include practical knowledge around the three trimesters, helpful breathing techniques, mindset work and affirmations, meditation and Yoga Nidra, as well as a modified physical yoga practice to ease common pregnancy ailments, invite body awareness through strength and flexibility work, and help prepare for labour and birth; all grounded in keeping you and your baby safe, nurtured and healthy.

Yoga is a wonderful and valuable asset that can bring calm and inner balance during your pregnancy. Learn to let go of control, accepting nature’s process and cultivate your deep sense of knowing: the “Mother’s Intuition.”


Pregnancy Yoga

Supporting you through every stage of your pregnancy and beyond

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“Daria tailored each session to my needs and introduced new concepts to ensure every session was different. Daria also encourages you to utilise the techniques at home in your own time.”

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