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Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage

Through conscious positive touch, I channel compassion, care and nurture to you and your baby.

What are the benefits?


  • Relieves stress, tension, anxiety and fatigue
  • Improves the potential for a positive birth
  • Balances hormonal fluctuations
  • Relieves common ailments and physical discomforts
  • Supports the changing body and promotes better posture
  • Releases toxins and stress in areas of accumulation
  • Tones internal organs and increases their efficiency
  • Increases energy levels and peaceful alertness
  • Improves lung capacity and breath intake
  • Improves circulation and blood oxygenation
  • Balances and clears the body’s energy pathways
  • Invites a deep sense of wellbeing and acceptance
  • Promotes balance and harmony to mother and baby
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Why consider Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage?

The root of Thai Massage lies in the intention of inviting loving kindness into your body. Gentle Thai bodywork can be a powerful therapy to receive during all stages of pregnancy and beyond. 

Pregnancy Thai Massage takes place mostly lying down on your side, with the support of cushions and blankets to avoid pressure on the belly. Wearing loose comfortable clothing, the onus is on inviting you to feel comfortable and at ease. Working the entire body from feet to head, no part gets missed. With explicit openness for you to change position when you want to, and openly communicate what your needs are, this is a moment for you to pause and be cared for. 

Postnatal massage focuses on increasing your energy levels with a peaceful alertness and relieving tight shoulders and backache from carrying your newborn. The massage is baby-friendly if your newborn needs feeding or cuddles.

Following a complete treatment you can expect to feel relaxed, refreshed, energised, still, open, at peace and more aware of your breath and body.

Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage

Supporting you through every stage of your pregnancy and beyond

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“After each massage I felt rejuvenated, relaxed and all my pregnancy aches seemed to disappear. After I had my baby I saw Daria for postnatal massage with my baby with me which I found to be a great bonding experience.”

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