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Thai Yoga Massage

A powerful therapy for re-balancing mind, body and spirit.

Thai Bodywork combines rhythmic massage, assisted stretching, acupressure, healing energy work and mindfulness meditation. Following a consultation, the personalised session takes place on a comfortable futon on the floor with the client fully clothed.

Specialty offering:


  • Traditional Thai Yoga Massage
  • Thai Yoga Massage with Oils
  • Pregnancy & Postnatal Thai Massage
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What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga Massage is a unique form of therapeutic bodywork that is rooted in ancient Yoga philosophy and Buddhist practices focusing on channelling love, kindness and compassion for the client through mindful, skillful touch and body manipulation. The aim is to restore balance in the individual by freeing the flow of blocked or stuck energy in the special pathways of the body where our energy lives. It is a very spiritual practice and not like any other type of massage you may have previously experienced.

The philosophy is based on working the invisible energy lines of the body, similar to the Chinese meridians of acupuncture, by applying pressure and assisted stretching using hands, thumbs, elbows and feet. The foundation for the practice lies in the belief that there is a wider life force, or Prana, that circulates through these invisible channels of energy. The whole treatment is a graceful, nurturing, interactive energy exchange that is sensitive to the condition of each person.

Similar to a yoga class, you will be invited to let go, surrender and go inward for a deep and introspective therapy restoring balance, harmony and health in the body and mind. In one Thai Bodywork session you will receive the same benefits of yoga, massage, and energy work all together.

What are the benefits?

The therapeutic effects of Thai Yoga Massage are manyfold:

  • Enhances the practice of yoga and other exercise
  • Balances and clears the body’s energy pathways 
  • Increases resistance to injury and improves mobility
  • Relieves stress, burnout, anxiety and fatigue
  • Improves the body’s range of motion and posture
  • Releases toxins and stress in areas of accumulation
  • Tones internal organs and increases their efficiency
  • Increases energy and peaceful alertness
  • Improves lung capacity and breath 
  • Improves circulation and blood oxygenation

A complete Thai Massage treats the whole body in four positions: on the back, side-lying, on the front and sitting. I would always recommend a 2-hour treatment to work the whole body’s system.

Who would benefit from Thai Yoga Massage?

The short answer is anyone. My clients come to me as a way to enhance their yoga practice and other physical modalities since the massage works all major muscle groups allowing you to move more freely and in more functional ways with a greater sense of body intelligence and awareness.

I also work with clients suffering from stress and burn out, some recovering from chronic fatigue or long Covid, and others who suffer from insomnia. It’s a powerful therapy for anyone with anxiety or depression since the treatment works deeply on a psychological and spiritual level. 

Discounts are available if you book a massage package.

Thai Yoga Massage

A powerful therapy for re-balancing mind, body and spirit.

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“Daria is exceptionally skilled in Thai Yoga Massage; in the preciseness of her hands-on touch, but also through her innate ability to listen carefully and respond to the more subtle aspects of Being.”
“Daria’s massage was simply Divine. From beginning to end she is able to tune into your energetic body and flow through as continuous intelligent touch.”
“Daria’s ability to sense the energy of the body and take the massage to wherever the body and mind need it, is on a different level. The whole experience felt like I have been held in the most tender hammock.”
“Daria’s Thai massages are pure love. She was very intuitive and knew exactly which areas needed more attention in my body. The pressure was precise, releasing and just perfect!”

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