5-Elements Yoga Retreat With Daria & Maria

(this event has passed)

5 Days. 5 Elements. 5 Rhythms of Nature

  • Starts: August 2, 2018
    Ends: August 6, 2018
  • Villa Molino, Spanish Hills outside of Madrid
  • Early Bird: £550, Full Price £650

Daria and Maria would like to invite you to this 5-day Spanish yoga retreat as part of the Sawabona collection of retreats in Spain and Mexico. The theme of the week will be embodying the 5-life-giving Elements, both on and off the mat. Each morning will begin with a slow, yet strong flow practice where we will deconstruct each Element and apply it to our everyday lives. The afternoon class will include a combination of meditation, pranayama, yin and restorative practices focusing in Being rather than Doing. There will also be time for journalling.


EARTH DAY (Thursday PM)

Landing on your feet…as you arrive in your new home for the next 5 days we will work on establishing your foundation to experience stability and ease through feet, legs and into the pelvis where your Muladhara (Root) Chakra resides. Find your home away from home.

WATER DAY (Friday AM & PM)

Tap into your femininity to embody fluidity, connection and adaptability. Like a river that runs free, we will create our own course of flow through a practice based around the Chakra of sensuality, Swadhisthana. Expect deep hip releases and work in the lower spine.

FIRE DAY (Saturday AM & PM)

We enter the peak of our retreat working on the fire element – this is where transformation really begins. Working on developing heat and energy to spur us into focus and action. We call on Manipura Chakra in the solar plexus to purify and strengthen the core and tap into the thousands of meridians residing in our bellies. Time to burn away our self-limiting beliefs!

AIR DAY (Sunday AM & PM)

After purification, comes a sense of expansion and lightness. We have created space for movement of Prana (life force) in our physical, emotional and mind bodies and so we invite love and trust into the heart centre where Anahata Chakra sits. We will work on heart-opening postures and back bends to nourish the spine and glow with love.


At last we have reached the final step of our involutionary ladder. We learn from the past 4 days and feel our way into our intuition, connection, expansiveness, consciousness and our authentic truth. We speak from Vishuddha Chakra, located in the throat and allow this element to inform and support us as we make our journey back home.


Set in the sloping hills outside Madrid, El Molino is a stunning property surrounded by nature. With beautifully landscaped gardens, a luxurious swimming pool and stunning views from the veranda, you will find yourself immersed in the perfect conditions to fully unwind and let go. Bedrooms are tastefully decorated, quiet and cool even in the Summer months.


Each day Maria and Daria will serve two healthy home cooked meals (brunch and dinner) with locally sourced Spanish ingredients to nourish the body and feed the soul. There will also be plenty of snacks and fresh fruit throughout the day.


We will explore the local surroundings where there are plenty of beautiful nature walks along ancient ruins and meandering rivers. There is also the opportunity to visit vibrant Madrid and its unique soulful character.



Property’s owner, retreats coordinator, yoga teacher, accessories designer & artist, originally from Spain. Lives in London and works for herself being Sawabona’s founder. She is a passionate of nature, wellbeing and spiritual practice. Qualified as a yoga teacher and over the last 7 years she has developed her own unique practice and style. Her passion is to impart the many benefits of regularly practicing yoga and make it accessible to everyone. Maria undertook her yoga teacher training in London where she mastered techniques that specialise in Creative Vinyasa Flow, Guided Meditation & Pranayama (breathing techniques).

This was in addition to several workshops in Mexico, where she was able to deeply explore the ancient Mayan techniques of Natural Nutrition & Tai -Chi. She has developed her practice further in South America and London with a particular focus on understanding how yoga can not only benefit physical health but expand the mind and improving emotional wellbeing and life satisfaction.


Yoga Teacher, Artist and Thai Massage Therapist of Russio-Italian origins. Daria’s teaching incorporates the classics of yoga: philosophy, meditation, mantra, pranayama and healing fluid asanas to help generate awareness, spiritual and emotional growth, as well as physical strength. She comes from a dynamic Vinyasa background but prefers to teach a slow, yet strong flow with room for creative movement, exploration of pulsations, and free form yoga (sometimes taking you off the mat). Taught to fresh soundtracks, with a focus on getting the basics right, her teaching offers an appreciation for flowing movement, integrating breath and intention for a wholehearted breath and movement embodied experience.

Limited Places (8 people max)
Early Bird: £550
Full Price: £650

Includes: Tuition, Accommodation, Snacks and 2 Meals per day.
Not included: Flights, Transfers to Property, Massage & Excursions.

This event has passed. Please check the Events page for upcoming events.